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Our Farmington Hills Dentist Helps Straighten Your Teeth

When patients think of straightening teeth or correcting bite issues with orthodontics, they typically imagine treatment that involves wires, brackets, and metal appliances. At Comfort Dental Spa, the orthodontic services provided BY Dr. Aziza Askari a General Dentist and her professional dental team include a variety of options that go beyond traditional treatment methods. While Dr. Askari does offer metal braces, she also provides clear braces and Invisalign®  to help her patients achieve straighter teeth with discreet treatment.
Orthodontic treatments may focus on preventing, diagnosing, and treating irregularities with the alignment of teeth, jaw, and bite. With ideal alignment, you not only achieve a better cosmetic result, but your teeth will also be easier to clean and you won't experience jaw pain associated with an off-balance bite. Because Dr. Askari offers a variety of orthodontic treatments in Farmington Hills, she can discuss available options that will help you meet your goal for a healthy, attractive smile.
Orthodontic Treatments from Comfort Dental Spa
Dr. Askari offers a variety of orthodontic treatments that range from traditional metal braces to high-tech dental aligners. Our orthodontic services include:

Metal braces: This traditional orthodontic treatment is excellent for correcting severe dental alignment issues. The metal guide-wire that is attached to brackets exerts significant corrective forces on the teeth and jaw, helping to re-direct teeth alignment and bite.

Clear braces: Clear or tooth-colored braces are a way to straighten your teeth without the noticeability of metal braces. Dr. Askari offers Six Month Smiles, which is a clear braces system that helps patients with mild to moderate dental alignment see results within six months of wear.

Invisalign®: This alternative to metal braces uses clear plastic aligners that snap on like a retainer over the teeth. The aligners exert forces on the teeth that cause them to rotate into position. Dr. Askari will give you several sets of aligners that are to be changed every two weeks. Invisalign® is an attractive alternative to metal braces for adults who wish to straighten their smiles, yet do not want visible braces. Because Invisalign® aligners can be removed to eat and drink as well as brush and floss, patients do not have to change their diets or use special dental tools to care for their teeth while undergoing orthodontic care.
What Are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments?
The teeth and jaw function at their best when they are in alignment. Misalignment increases the risks for jaw and teeth pain, cavities and dental decay, and affects your overall appearance. Seeking orthodontic treatment is not vanity - it is a way to significantly improve your oral health while boosting your smile's appearance. Dr. Askari and her dental team possess many years of experience and have pursued clinical education to offer each treatment, ensuring the best and most time-efficient outcome for orthodontic patients.
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Dr Askari certified as MAGD, Master in Academy of General Dentistry not a specialist