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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentist In Farmington Hills, MI

Many people have little to no anxiety when it comes to dental care.  Some people can manage dental treatment with little more than some slight anxiety.  For still others however, going to the dentist is a lot more difficult.  If you or someone you love have ever avoided getting dental care out of anxiety, or if the thought of going to the dentist makes you nervous, then sedation dentistry could be for you. 

Sedation Dentistry offers pain-free and anxiety-free dental procedures as the patient is in a deeply relaxed state, though fully responsive. It means something even more important: a comfortable experience - often with no recollection of the time passed. We often hear from patients who express their gratitude and delight in their first ever visit to the dentist without fear.

At Comfort Dental Spa, we realize that there are a lot of legitimate reasons why many people stay away from the dentist. Research shows that more than half of our population has some kind of dental fear, from people who feel a little uncomfortable, to those who are terrified to even make a phone for making there dental appointment. If fear or anxiety is keeping you away from going to a dentist than you should meet Dr. Askari who offers many options for making you comfortable including Calmistry, Nitrous Oxides, Oral and IV Sedation (sleep dentistry). Sedation dentistry uses medications to relax patients, which makes for a totally comfortable dental experience.

Many of our patients have found their experience with sedation dentistry to be positively life changing and incredibly effective  Sedation dentistry allows a patient to be calm and drowsy while still remaining in control.  Often our patients equate sedation dentistry to relaxing on a beach. For many, this is the answer thay have been looking for all their life.. 




Discuss Sedation Dentistry with Dr. Askari... 
If you or somebody you know agrees with these statements:

  • You are too scared to even call the dentist and make an appointment
  • You are someone with a stressful lifestyle, high anxiety, or a busy schedule and wish to complete treatment comfortably in less visits.
  • You have a gag reflex.
  • You have an aversion to dental sounds and smell.
  • You have anxiety about seeing dental instruments.
  • You have had negative dental experiences in the past.
  • You are in pain or delaying treatment you know you need to stay healthy.

How does Sedation Dentistry Work?

You will be given a sedative tranquilizer (by mouth or IV) to take one hour prior to your dental appointment.  Your companion will accompany you to the office.  When you arrive in our office, you will be drowsy and you will be escorted to a warm comfortable chair.  Your level of comfort, sedation, and vitals will be continually monitored with state of the art medical equipment so that your visit is completely safe.  After you are comfortable our dental team will take care of your sedation and dental needs.  You will remain in control but will be unaware of the treatment as if you were snoozing.  Afterwards you will have little to no memory of your appointment.  When your treatment is completed, your companion will take you home.  If needed, a car service can be arranged to get you home quickly and safely.

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