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Dr Scott Pelok is a well know exceptionally talented Dentist, as well as a Lecturer, Teacher for many other dentist at the University of Michigan AEGD program where he first met Dr Askari in 2003 since then they have been in regular contact. One of the things that really sets him apart is that he spent a decade at the University of Michigan teaching others how to be Dentists! Dr. Pelok's inner teacher is easily seen and heard whenever he spends time with his patients ... he explains things, answers questions and puts you at ease. Every patient is an individual to Doctor Pelok, and treated as such. It's very obvious that he is a dentist who really cares; his down to earth, easy going, friendly style is very comforting. Making patients feel and look their best, while gaining better overall health is something Doctor Pelok really loves to do.

The challenge of seeing someone with dental issues and then fixing them is very rewarding to Dr. Pelok, especially complex dental issues. In fact, Dr. Pelok's advice and opinion concerning complex dental issues is often requested by other area dentists. This desire for dealing with complex dental issues started back in his dental school days. He attended Ohio State Dental School. While attending dental school, oral surgery was a specialty he really liked and pursued. During his freshman and sophomore years he volunteered to provide dental care to prisoners. This experience taught him all about the importance of triage, making him very good at assessing and properly treating problems quickly. It also accelerated his learning tremendously and gave him the ability to work under pressure. He was doing hands-on treatment long before his peers even did any clinical work. During school breaks or spare time, Dr. Pelok volunteered to do oral surgery, tooth extractions and anything he could to gain experience. At that time, a requirement to graduate was to successfully extract at least 25 teeth. Dr. Pelok says he lost count at 1500! Talk about a work ethic! He completed his dental requirements the first two months of his senior year, giving him the rest of the time to work on his oral suregery skills.Dr. Pelok also learned CEREC crown making and that has become a big part of his current practice. As an undergraduate, he completed an IV sedation certification, and this was, and still is a very rare accomplishment! Dr. Pelok currently performs IV sedation at his practice. Very few dentists are trained in IV sedation administration. Area general dentists and specialists contract Dr. Pelok to perform this specialized service on their patients. Dr. Pelok did his first dental implant back in 1992, it was his birthday and he remembers it well ... he decided to learn all about this procedure because he felt it was going to be a big part of the future of dentistry. During his time at the University of Michigan, he ended up doing more implants than most of the faculty.

Dr. Pelok spent time at different dental practices in Vermont, Ohio and Michigan. While he was trying to find the kind of dental practice that suited him, the Chair of the Periodontal Department at the University of Michigan asked him to come there and teach. He accepted this offer and taught for a decade, while continuing to practice. Over the years, his past experiences at other dental practices left him wanting more. Some practices were small and didn't allow him to offer his patients all the services that he wanted to. Dr. Pelok also spent time at some large multi-location assembly-line-style practices that didn't offer a personal, friendly style that he believes in. Trust is very important to Dr. Pelok and the way some of these practices operated bothered him ethically. Dr. Pelok's ethics, professionalism and desire to offer patients the kind of dental experience he believes in kept driving him to find a practice where he could offer patients his unique style of dentistry. Eventually this lead him to his current location at Comfort Dental Spa. He prides himself in being able to offer his patients a one stop dental practice. There is very little that he ever has to send out to specialists.

Dr. Scott Pelok comes from a family of dentists. His father was a dentist and his younger brother is a dentist. Dr. Pelok actually wasn't planning on being a dentist originally. He says that being the oldest child in a large family and having old fashioned parents, meant that whatever he wanted to accomplish, he was going to have to be totally on his own. He worked as a carpenter to put himself through college and dental school. Dr. Pelok is very proud of how hard he's had to work to accomplish his goals. He's very thankful for finally ending up with the kind of practice, doing the kind of dentistry, that he's wanted to do all along. Dr. Pelok is a perfectionist and very artistic. When he's not doing dentistry Dr. Pelok enjoys woodworking, carpentry and amateur nature and wildlife photography (he's even been published in Ontario Outdoor Life). He also enjoys fishing, and his family has been visiting a Northern Canada fishing camp for generations. His wife, Geri, was educated as a Naturalist/Biologist with a Masters in Information Technology. She currently works at the University of Michigan. Dr. Pelok met Geri at Bowling Green University where he was a grad student. He asked her out in October of 1984 and they got married on New Years Eve 1987! She is very artistic and does watercolors and ceramics. They enjoy hiking, camping, fishing and especially ... spending time with their beloved Rottweilers. They've helped heal and also raised a number of injured and unwanted Rottweilers. In addition to being a very important and loved part of their family, they also raise Rottweilers for search and rescue training. The Pelok's have also completely remodeled and renovated an 1853 home during any spare time they could find along the way!

If you're looking for a general dentist with the skills of a specialist. If you're looking for a dentist that other dentists go to for advice and information. A dentist who has spent years teaching other dentists ... how to be dentists. A dentist who is very down to earth, cares deeply about his patients and spends the time needed to explain and comfort them. Dr. Scott Pelok is that dentist. He is a dentist you can trust.

Dr Scott Pelok completed his Fellowship Award in the Academy of General Dentistry!

Achieving Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) is one of the few added distinctions a general dentist can achieve. The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is the only professional association dedicated to exclusively serving the interests and needs of the general dentist. Dr. Scott Pelok DDS, MS, FAGD is one of only 5 percent of general dentists who have achieved this honor. To earn Fellowship in the AGD, dentists must take more than 500 hours of educational courses in various disciplines. Candidates must also pass a rigorous exam.

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