2 Times To Remain Open Minded About TMD

When you’re dealing with TMJ disorder, particularly if you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, you may think to yourself that some sort of surgery or serious medication must be in order. Something is going to help you stop the popping, the discomfort, and the headaches! However, when it comes down to receiving TMJ treatment you may find yourself feeling a little resistant to what we have to offer. Why? Well, it might not be an intensive as you assumed it might be, considering that discomfort and frustration you’ve been experiencing. Allow us to explain a couple times this may happen, why, and what to do.

#1: When We Suggest You Relax

We’re not going to nonchalantly just mention that you need to chill out and as a result, your TMD concerns will be a thing of the past. Nope. We are going to discuss the way tension and stress and anxiety often play a huge role in TMJ disorder and why, as a result, relaxation is an important factor in TMJ treatment. We may suggest things like yoga, exercise, listening to nice music, art therapy, or anything else that relieves stress. Why? It will train you to release the muscles you tend to tighten up (including your jaw muscles), which will remove the bulk of the pressure on your TMJs.

#2: When You Expect Medicine But Get A Mouth Guard

You might be expecting us to approach you with a prescription pad for some kind of medication. However, what you will find is that we suggest oral appliance therapy. Translation? We want you to wear a comfortable mouth guard that stops the pressure against your TMJs while you sleep at night. Believe it or not, this offers exceptional improvement because you’re avoiding hours of tremendous weight that usually presses on your jaw joints while you sleep. This form of TMJ treatment has no side effects and can offer significant improvement and protection.





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