3 Common Questions: TMD Relief

Are you an individual suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD) and your current priority is finding relief from uncomfortable symptoms like pain and tenderness? If so, we are ready to guide you with the help of some frequently asked questions (and their answers). Keep in mind, while suggestions for addressing your discomfort at the moment with fast fixes are helpful, it’s also extremely important that you agree to TMD treatment. As a result, the combination of efforts will ensure we protect your jaw joints from future damage. 

Questions and Answers: TMD Relief

Question: Is it better to use a cold pack to achieve relief from TMJ disorder – or should I choose a warm compress?

Answer: It is better to use a cold compress or ice pack when you’re dealing with TMD problems. This is because inflammation is often included, so relying on ice will help with both the discomfort and any swelling, so your jaw joints feel better.


Question: Should I try to stretch my jaw to give myself some relief from tension and pain? If so, what types of stretches should I do?

Answer: No. We understand that because the muscles feel tense, you think that stretching out your TMJs would be beneficial for someone dealing with this disorder. However, too much movement (or the wrong kind) can actually aggravate your joint and muscles – leave the therapy suggestions to us.


Question: Is it true that paying attention to my entire body with relaxing exercise like yoga can actually benefit my TMJ disorder, so symptoms partially subside?

Answer: Yes. Tension and stress often contribute to TMD, which means exercising, relaxing, and giving your body the chance to decompress will often take strain away from your jaw.




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