4 Reasons to Love Invisalign®

Remember when getting a Hollywood smile meant enduring years of painful metal braces? That was before 7 million people discov

The critical component of a winning smile is straight teeth. Straight teeth also promote good oral health. What’s more, today you don’t have to suffer to get them. Thanks to Invisalign®, the road to straight teeth has never been smoother.

At Comfort Dental Spa, our team of first-class dental specialists provides a full array of services designed to give patients smiles full of white, straight teeth. Among these is Invisalign, the ever-popular orthodontic treatment that offers multiple advantages over traditional methods.

Here are just four of the reasons teens and adults of all ages love Invisalign.

1. A clear winner

For starters: With Invisalign’s nearly invisible aligners, you don’t need uncomfortable and unattractive metal braces to move your teeth. Clear aligners do the job just as well as metal, sometimes even better.

The aligners are made from advanced materials that feature SmartTrack®, a patented material that moves your teeth gently, but firmly, into proper position. For your part, the process is easy: Just swap out the aligners every 1-2 weeks to keep your teeth moving in the right direction.

2. Go ahead, eat and brush

A second reason to love Invisalign: Your aligners are removable. That means you remove them to eat,  brush, and floss. You’ll need to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day. Still, because you can pop them out to eat and brush, there are no food restrictions. Also, by keeping up good dental hygiene, you can avoid cavities and gum disease that can accompany taking the journey with metal braces.

3. Gain without the pain

Invisalign aligners are designed to fit comfortably over your teeth without irritating your gums. With metal braces, you may experience some irritation in the soft tissues inside your mouth as they rub against the sharp edges of the braces. Conversely, Invisalign aligners are soft, comfortable, and feature a smooth surface that won’t cause any damage to sensitive areas in your mouth, like the insides of your cheeks.

4. Going high-tech

Invisalign provides a seamless process from beginning to end. To start, we take 3D digital scans of your teeth so that we can formulate the best plan of attack. Also, a simulator allows you to view your final results before even getting started.

As you progress through your aligners, the same technology is used to make any necessary adjustments along the way. However, such adjustments are rare, as the advanced software and manufacturing take much of the guesswork out of straightening your teeth.

These four reasons are only the start. To learn more about game-changing Invisalign and whether you are a good candidate, call the office at (248) 4747-6434 to schedule a consultation or request an appointment using our online scheduling tool.

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