Advice for Relieving Dental Headaches

You might not automatically think of your dentist when you wonder how to relieve a headache, but the truth is that many patients experience chronic headaches due to a dental issue, like TMJ disorder. By visiting your dentist and seeking appropriate treatment, you can find lasting relief from a dental or TMJ headache. Until your visit, though, you can likely find a temporary reprieve by following your dentist’s advice for at-home relief.  

Get some rest.

Chronic headaches, especially those that occur most often in the morning, can sometimes indicate that you’re not sleeping enough, or not well enough. It can also mean that you grind your teeth and/or repeatedly clench your jaw muscles while you sleep, and the persistent pressure is aggravating your trigeminal nerves. Be sure to get enough sleep by going to bed and waking up at reasonable hours, and if you have trouble sleeping, then ask your dentist if bruxism or other dental troubles may be to blame.

Use a heating pad and ice pack.

For immediate relief, try alternating between a heating pad and ice pack on your jaw muscles. If sore or tense jaw muscles are to blame for your headache, then the alternating heat and cold will relieve both the pain and the tension to help the muscles relax.

Stop grinding your teeth.

If you exhibit bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding, then simply stopping on your own may not be an option. Instead, visit your dentist for an examination to determine if bruxism is a concern, and if it is contributing to your chronic headaches. Treating the condition will alleviate pressure on your teeth and jaws that can cause or exacerbate your headache or migraine.




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