Benefits of Dental Implants

Several situations can result in missing teeth. Whether due to an injury, accident, severe decay, or tooth extraction, it is essential to address their absence sooner than later. Tooth loss is not only embarrassing, but it can severely impact your oral health.
With the many technological advances in the field of dentistry, dental implants are innovative tooth replacements that provide a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing permanent solution for people suffering from tooth loss. At Comfort Dental Spa, Dr. Aziza Askari offers dental implants and restorations. 

Dental implant treatment provides many benefits to your oral health, including: 

Improving Aesthetics: Dental implants help reestablish the natural stimulation your jaw needs to support your facial features. When teeth are missing for a prolonged period, their absence will cause the jawbone to deteriorate, resulting in a prematurely aged appearance. 

These biocompatible posts are placed into your jaw and fuse to the bone, creating a strong bond. This process is known as osseointegration and supports full jaw function once again, preserving your natural facial features. 

Protecting Your Natural Teeth: Implant-supported replacements do not require teeth to be filed down nor will they compromise neighboring structures. Dental implants allow patients to preserve healthy teeth and regain a full smile. 

Enhancing Quality of Life: Missing teeth can make eating, speaking, and drinking difficult and uncomfortable. Since dental implant restorations are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, your smile and mouth can function just as it should.  

Renewing Self-Confidence: It is easy to be embarrassed when your smile is incomplete, as this can have a negative effect on your self-image. A major benefit of dental implants is they significantly improve your appearance, and do so discreetly. Dental implant restorations are crafted to be completely life-like, making them difficult to differentiate from natural teeth. Many of those closest to you will never know you have implant-supported replacements unless you tell them. 

Successful, Long-Lasting Results: Dental implants are built to last. Their longevity makes them a popular choice for patients wanting to replace their missing teeth. When correctly placed and cared for, dental implants have an extremely high success rate of 98 percent and can last a lifetime. 

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