Can Dentistry Be Comfortable?

Can Dentistry Be Comfortable?

Many people are afraid to get dental care. They don’t like the sound of dental instruments, the discomfort of examinations, or even the general atmosphere of the dental office. Additionally, it’s easy to associate dentistry with pain, as procedures can cause irritation.

Comfort Dental Spa focuses on making every dental visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Our dentists and staff help patients feel at ease. We strive to be the dental office everyone deserves, eliminating anxiety and creating positive experiences. Besides visiting our practice, we recommend patients consider the following advice for future appointments:

Communicate with Your Dental Team

When you have made an appointment for a specific health concern, or are visiting for your routine checkup, it’s important to voice your fears to your hygienist or dentist. This means explaining that an area of your smile is particularly sensitive to touch and temperature, or that needles make you feel uncomfortable. Being honest about your comfort level goes a long way in building trust and helps you feel confident in acknowledging other issues.

When patients talk to us about their fears, we listen. Our dentists customize treatment plans to maximize comfort for every visit, whether this includes avoiding certain smile issues, or addressing them quickly to improve your oral health.

Approach Your Oral Health Proactively

Dental issues don’t go away on their own, but many patients wait too long to get help. Insurance and budget restrictions aside, waiting will only worsen the problem. A minor toothache caused by a cavity can become a sharp pain requiring a root canal. Whenever you notice an issue with your smile, call your dentist at the very least. They will listen to the symptoms, and offer guidance to resolve discomfort. The next step will be to schedule an appointment, where the problem can be properly examined.

Oftentimes, treatment is much easier than patients imagine. Allowing the fear to build limits your ability to address the discomfort. At Comfort Dental Spa, we are compassionate toward our patient’s pain, and welcome them to call for advice anytime. We would love to treat the concern and re-establish a normal, healthy smile.

Merging Dentistry with the Spa Experience

Dr. Aziza Askari and her team provide a light-hearted and relaxing dental environment. We offer spa amenities, such as hand wax treatments, aromatherapy, warm mist, and hot towels to take your mind off dental care. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!

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