Do Clear Braces Work?

Do Clear Braces Work? 

There are many myths about the effectiveness of clear braces alternatives such as the Invisalign® system and ClearCorrect. Dr. Aziza Askari wants to make sure her patients have a complete understanding of all forms of care that Comfort Dental Spa provides, including clear braces. Therefore, we hope to address a few misunderstandings about their effectiveness.

Myth #1 – Clear Braces Don’t Work at All

There are varying opinions about whether or not they actually work. Unfortunately, one of the arguments is that clear braces are completely ineffective.

If this were true, Comfort Dental Spa wouldn’t offer these treatments. Clear braces may be the right choice for all orthodontic treatments, but provide results when used in appropriate circumstances. By talking to Dr. Askari, you can determine whether Invisalign aligners and ClearCorrect are beneficial options for you.

Myth #2 – Clear Braces Don’t Work for Most Patients

Clear aligners are traditionally designed to treat mild and some moderate cases of teeth misalignment. This leaves two and a half categories of malocclusion cases (higher-end moderate, severe, and extreme) for which traditional orthodontics must be used. Many have taken this to mean that the Invisalign and ClearCorrect systems cannot treat most patients.

The opposite is true. Most patients do not have extreme or severe cases of teeth realignment. Instead, they tend to be within the range in which plastic aligning trays are a possibility. And, these cases are only considering patients undergoing orthodontic care for the first time. When factoring in orthodontic situations where the teeth have to be returned to a correct alignment after relapse, the number of cases that clear braces treat increase significantly.

Myth #3 – Clear Braces Don’t Work without Lifestyle Changes

This isn’t a myth about clear braces as much as it is about orthodontics in general. Metal braces restrict the types of foods and drinks a patient can consume during treatment, and a lot of people assume Invisalign aligners and ClearCorrect are the same way.

In fact, one of the advantages of clear braces is that you have nearly complete dietary freedom.  As long as you clean your teeth and put the aligners back on after eating, you can remove your clear braces and eat or drink whatever you want. The only restriction is the time you must spend wearing them. They need to be in the smile at least twenty hours a day, so persistent snacking is discouraged.

Interested in Clear Braces? Call our Farmington Hills Practice!

Comfort Dental Spa offers clear braces treatment for anyone in and near Farmington Hills. If you’ve been looking for a discreet, effective way to straighten your smile, you can find it with Dr. Askari. For more information, call us and schedule an appointment today!

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