How Botox Can Treat Your Migraines

How Botox Can Treat Your Migraines

Chronic migraines are the sixth most disabling condition in the world, costing people time, money, relationships, and relaxation. If you’re struggling to find alternative solutions for your migraines, Botox injections might be a viable option. If effective, these injections can temporarily alleviate your migraines, making it easier to focus on your life. 

At Comfort Dental Spa, Aziza F. Askari, DMD has experience in the use of Botox for migraine reduction. If you’ve never considered using Botox for migraine relief, now could be the time to consult an expert.

How Botox treats migraines 

Botox injections are often used cosmetically to correct dynamic wrinkles, which are creases in your skin caused by repetitive expressions and a loss of elasticity. It has many other uses , though; Botox can also be used to treat lazy eye, hyperhidrosis, and migraines. 

Botox is a neurotoxin derived from Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria responsible for botulism. If ingested, it causes a severe form of food poisoning, but targeted injections can stop spasms and block signals to the brain. 

Many people who sought out Botox for wrinkles actually reported an improvement in their headaches, which led doctors to investigate its value in migraine prevention. By paralyzing certain tiny muscles in the head and neck, you can prevent headache pain and reduce how many signals of discomfort reach the brain. 

What to expect from Botox 

Like any other migraine treatment, Botox injections might yield positive results in one patient and nothing for another. However, the outlook is good. 

In one study, nearly half of the participants reported fewer headaches after two rounds of Botox, and that number increased to 70% after five rounds. Even if their migraines were not completely gone, they did feel “duller” and less debilitating. 

Each treatment involves 30-40 injections, each one containing a small amount of Botox. The typical injection sites for migraines are the forehead, temples, and the back of the head. Sometimes the neck, shoulders, and upper back are targeted as well. 

You might experience some muscle weakness and soreness in the days following, but serious side effects are rare. If it is your first time receiving Botox injections, mention this to your practitioner, and report any allergy symptoms. 

If you struggle with chronic headaches and migraines, you might be desperate for any relief. Although Botox might not be the first thing that comes to mind, it might be just the solution you need. To learn more and try it for yourself, schedule a consultation with the team at Comfort Dental Spa. Just call 248-306-8753, or book an appointment online

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