Jaw Exercises to Relieve TMJ Pain

Your jaw’s movement is controlled by a complex group of muscles, and it hinges on your two temporomandibular joints (TMJs) located in front of each ear. TMJ disorders describe a large group of jaw dysfunctions that result in injury to the joints and muscles, and the severity of each condition varies from patient to patient. In many cases, the discomfort caused by TMJ disorder is a result of tension, and can be alleviated, at least temporarily, by helping the muscles and joints relax. When it strikes suddenly, try these jaw exercises to help relieve TMJ pain, though we advise seeking help from your TMJ experts as soon as possible if the pain persists.

TMJ Work-Outs

Your jaw’s muscles can grow tense and cramped when they’re strained, exhausted, or damaged. While strengthening them can reduce the risk of most TMJ disorders, some jaw exercises can also stretch the muscles and help them relax to alleviate the discomfort.




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