Quiz: How Pressure Affects TMD

Are you feeling a bit unsure about things you’re doing to make your TMJ disorder worse? Perhaps you assume that as long as you’re not doing anything really overwhelming, like trying to bite into something extremely hard, that you aren’t contributing to the worsening of your TMD. Unfortunately, there are some factors that commonly fly under the radar, which you may be overlooking completely. In many instances, different types of pressure are serious culprits in exacerbating the situation. Let’s cover a few major items, so you know what to avoid.

Pressure Related To Stress

Are you stressed out? If so, the suggestion to seek out meditation, stress-relief through movement, therapeutic hobbies, and more is not something you should look at an unnecessary or a luxury. Instead, recognize that the stress you experience in your daily life can make your TMJ disorder worse. More stress usually means fewer relaxed muscles, which can then results in jaw tension.

Pressure Related To Bruxism

Granted, you aren’t moving your teeth against or across one another intentionally when you suffer from bruxism. However, once you know it’s a problem, the best thing you can do for your smile (and to help make your TMJ disorder better instead of worse) is to address the bruxism. This can easily turn into a cycle in which the TMD makes bruxism worse and vice versa.

Pressure Related To Chewing And Other Habits

You may forget that your habits related to chewing and moving your jaw can negatively impact your TMJ disorder. Protect yourself by asking yourself about the following (and by avoiding them):




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