TMD Damage: A Quiz

When TMJ disorder (TMD) begins, it’s something that may feel uncomfortable and cause some frustrating symptoms. However, it will not immediately wreak havoc on your smile, yielding serious damage and destruction. Unfortunately, when patients choose not to treat their TMD, it is a disorder that can eventually lead to such devastation. We encourage patients not to be fooled by the mild discomfort that first occurs. Instead, take it seriously to avoid problems in the future. Not sure you understand what we mean? Take our quiz for clarification.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

True or False: Unfortunately, even if you agree to TMJ disorder treatment, serious damage is likely to occur no matter way you do. The treatment will just keep it from being as severe as it could be.

True or False: If you don’t feel much pain as the disorder starts, you can generally assume the issue is not going to become worse.

True or False: TMD is an isolated incidence. It won’t lead to additional disorders or serious trauma to your smile.

Quiz Answers

False. One of the reasons we so passionately suggest you act quickly with receiving TMJ disorder treatment is the fact that it offers amazing protection. The sooner you protect your jaw joints, the greater your ability to avoid damage and maintain oral health.

False. The longer TMD is left to worsen, the more likely inflammation is to worsen and the area to become aggravated. When ligaments, tendons, muscles, and your jaw joints are ignored as the disorder occurs, serious chronic pain may occur.

False. Unfortunately, attempting to ease the discomfort of your jaw joints or find a way to get them to glide more smoothly may cause you to move your jaw in unconventional ways. You may also unintentionally cause teeth to come into consistent contact with one another as a result of fatigued jaw muscles that fire off involuntarily. The result? You can develop bruxism, which may lead to damaged, eroded, fractured teeth.




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