TMJ Protection Over The Holidays

When the holidays roll around, there is a lot to look forward to – and so much to be thankful for. However, if you are suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD), then you know this joyous time can bring with it some serious discomfort and challenges. To protect your oral health and relieve symptoms, our first suggestion is always to schedule a visit to speak with us about treatment. However, as we make our way further into November, we would also like to offer some additional tips for a season that you can truly enjoy.

Avoid Excessive Chewing

Do you love caramel candies? Perhaps there are other chewy, sticky goodies you look forward to during the year. Or, maybe you just love taking little tastes all day as you prepare holiday meals. Do yourself a favor this year and try to avoid consistent snacking (or foods that require a lot of laborious chewing). This consistent motion aggravates TMJ disorder.

Reach For Soft Foods

For patients who are suffering from severe TMJ disorder discomfort or who are just beginning TMD treatment, we suggest reaching for softer foods. The less pressure you place on your jaw joints, the better. Do your best to skip anything that is extremely hard to bite, so your TMJs have a chance to relax.

Give Yourself A Break

Are you typically in charge of holiday functions? Perhaps you are the one who is sent to the crowded grocery store to purchase a long list of items. Whatever the case, the holidays can bring a lot of tension – even if you are having a good time. It’s very important to give yourself a break, so you can take time to allow your muscles to rest (that includes those associated with TMJ disorder).




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