When Is My Dental Situation Considered an Emergency?

When Is My Dental Situation Considered an Emergency?

A dental emergency is no fun, and neither is having to sit in an ER or urgent care waiting area hoping to be seen. If your dentist offers emergency dental services, you can get the help you need faster and with less hassle.

At Comfort Dental Spa, our team of experienced staff and providers provide help in dental emergencies to help you safeguard the health of your teeth and gums and restore your smile.

Identifying a dental emergency 

What’s a dental emergency? Basically, it’s any event or condition that needs urgent or immediate care. Not all emergencies need the attention of a dentist or an ER doctor right away, but if there is extreme pain, bleeding, or a tooth is knocked completely out or fractured, it’s best to call your dentist immediately. 

Dental emergencies include:

Mild dental emergencies, such as a low-grade toothache or a lost filling, can typically wait for normal dental hours. An abscess or a tooth with a chip should warrant a call to your dentist to see when the first available appointment is. A knocked-out or extruded tooth requires immediate care.

What you can do at home

You can do some things to address a dental emergency while waiting to see a dentist.


If you have a mild toothache, try over-the-counter numbing agents and mouthwash as well as acetaminophen if allowed by your doctor and health. If your toothache is severe, call your dentist because you may have an infection. 

Lost crowns or fillings

A loose or lost filling or crown will have to be repaired or replaced by your dentist, but in the meantime, try packing the hole or covering the surface of the tooth with sugarless gum, or use dental cement from the drugstore to reattach it if available.  

Knocked-out tooth

For a knocked-out tooth, if you can find it, pick it up by the crown, and rinse it carefully in a cup of water for no more than 10 seconds, then set it into a small bowl of milk, and take it with you to your dentist. If you don’t have milk, hold it in your mouth with a pool of saliva, and don’t suck it or swallow it. Call your dentist, and tell them you have an emergency involving a knocked-out tooth, and follow their instructions as to where to go for help.

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