Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Cracked Tooth

There are so many ways to crack a tooth a fall, biting down too hard on a fruit pit, or accidentally crunching on a meat bone. No matter the cause of your cracked tooth, you shouldn't ignore it. Issues relating to a cracked tooth won't get better without treatment.

Fortunately, the compassionate and sensitive dental providers at Comfort Dental Spa are here to help. We support new and existing patients from throughout the Farmington Hills, Michigan, area. We can examine your damaged tooth and recommend the best way to proceed in to preserve your oral health.

Taking care of major and minor cracks

If you experience a serious crack, you're likely to feel severe pain and may even need emergency treatment. Use ice packs to relieve the pain until you get to your dental appointment, and bring any chipped or broken pieces of your tooth with you.

However, you may have just chipped your tooth slightly, only enough for it to look a little funny in the mirror. If this is the case, you might not experience pain. And if you do, the pain associated with a cracked tooth can be hard to pinpoint and may seem to come and go.

Still, even if your chipped or cracked tooth doesn't immediately seem like an emergency, you should have it checked out by our team. Uneven, cracked, or damaged teeth run increased risks of many dental problems. The sharp edges from a cracked or broken tooth can also tear the sensitive skin on the inside of your mouth.

Preventing serious oral health problems

The longer you go without professional treatment for your chipped or cracked tooth, the more serious and extensive the complications can become. Smaller chips or cracks tend to grow bigger over time. You also run the risk of breaking your tooth completely.

By getting prompt treatment for cracked or chipped teeth, you can prevent the need for more serious procedures in the future. With minor interventions like bonding, you can prevent the formation of an abscess and infection. With treatment, you may even be able to avoid the need for a root canal.

Treatment options to repair your smile

At Comfort Dental Spa, we can examine your cracked tooth and recommend the best treatment plan for your cracked tooth and your unique health care needs. With professional care, you can maintain your intact smile and keep the self-esteem that goes with it.

If you have a minor crack, it might be repairable with just a little bonding. You may benefit from root canal therapy to support your natural tooth and prevent the need extraction. If your situation indicates other treatments, including a dental crown or an extraction, we'll be there to provide top-quality care and professional support.

If you're worried about a cracked or painful tooth, contact our team at Comfort Dental Spa of Farmington Hills, Michigan, today. You can book your appointment online or over the phone. 

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