Therapeutic BOTOX Administration in Farmington Hills

You may know BOTOX as a way to lose wrinkles. However, in the hands of a dentist like Dr. Aziza Askari, BOTOX can provide facial comfort. From our Farmington Hills location, Comfort Dental Spa uses BOTOX to treat pain and discomfort caused by TMJ disorder and migraines.

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorders (also called TMJ or TMD) are infamous in dentistry. Not only do they cause significant discomfort by way of headaches and earaches, but they are hard to diagnose because they share several symptoms with sinus conditions. TMJ cases may also involve teeth grinding and lockjaw when you are stressed.

Despite being known as a cosmetic treatment, BOTOX is a great way to alleviate TMJ symptoms. Its properties as a muscle relaxant also prevent the muscles responsible for TMJ symptoms from activating. BOTOX provides fast relief, and comfort can last for three months before another treatment is necessary.

Comfort Dental Spa provides BOTOX as one of the many treatments that we provide for chronic TMJ symptoms.

Migraine Therapy

TMJ is not the only muscle-based condition you may experience. Orofacial muscle spasms also cause migraines. Teeth grinding at night, tense shoulders, and a stiff neck can all cause these painful spasms.

As a result, BOTOX can be an effective addition to your migraine therapy routine. Jaw tension, nighttime grinding, and indirect relief for shoulder and neck pain are all made possible. Using BOTOX only reduces the discomfort; the jaw muscles you need to speak and chew still work normally.

The BOTOX Treatment Process

When a patient has symptoms of TMJ or migraines, Dr. Askari determines the suitability of BOTOX treatment. BOTOX is not as effective when combined with a select few medications and substances. Be honest about your medical history with Dr. Askari, and she will be able to coordinate the most appropriate treatment.

If BOTOX will help you, Dr. Askari administers it through a simple, twenty-minute process right here at Comfort Dental Spa. You do not have to worry about impaired driving, discomfort, or an inability to do light activity. However, we do recommend waiting for twenty-four hours before engaging in strenuous activity.

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