Occlusal Equilibration


Tooth Equilibration/balancing bite


Occlusal equilibration is a gentle procedure that allows your lower teeth to contact your upper teeth very evenly all the way around your mouth.

The goal of this treatment is to create a "Solid bite" that prevents stress on individual teeth and reduces stress on the jaw muscles and jaw joint..

What’s involved? I do occlusal equilibration by selectively and precisely reshaping the tiny bumps and valleys of the biting surfaces of individual teeth. Typically, the treatment is done in three visits ~ 2 weeks apart. The first visit is 1 hour, the second visit is 45 minutes and the third visit is 30 minutes.

What are the risks of treatment? Some patients report that their bite feels different after the first visit. Occasionally, the jaw muscles become sore between the first and second visit. Occasionally, some teeth may be sensitive to cold between the first and second visit. We will discuss the need to replace any dental work “that is too big for your bite”, before we begin the equilibration. The adjustments made to your teeth are generally too small to see any change in their appearance.

This procedure is being recommended to you because you have teeth that have shifted in your mouth over time for a variety of reasons.
One or more of the following signs of an active dental problem are present:
1) Temporomandibular joint pain
2) Muscle-tension headaches around the sides of your head or around the jaw joint
3) Severe wear of your natural teeth
4) Loose teeth
5) Chipping teeth
6) Gum recession and other associated problems.
7) Grooves and chips forming at the gum line exposing root surfaces

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