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Laser Hygiene Therapy

Traditionally gum and bone infection (periodontal disease) was treated with a procedure called scaling and root planing. The procedure was about as unpleasant as it sounds. Performed by the dental hygienist, scaling and root planing involved using hand instruments to remove plaque and tartar. Unfortunately, research has discovered that by using this technique, upon returning for regular 2, 3, 4, or 6 month appointments for scaling and root planing, bleeding (the classic sign of infection) is reduced by only 66%. The gums still bleed, and the pocket depths are still too deep – classic signs of active infection.

Since we are committed to clinical excellence at Comfort Dental Spa, we can now treat periodontal disease with the most advanced technology available in modern dentistry, micro-ultrasonic instruments and lasers. We combine the use of technologies and actually eliminate the infection rather than manage the disease, which has been the traditional form of treatment.

How Does Laser Hygiene Therapy Work?

When using laser therapy in combination with the micro-ultrasonic instruments to treat the infection, bleeding is reduced by 99%! The laser therapy works by reducing the bacterial presence, thus decreasing the level of inflammation. On top of that, lasers have a biostimulating effect, helping your body’s natural healing process. So when the area is treated, bacterial activity that causes inflammation and eventual bone loss is interrupted, giving the tissues a chance to heal. This process allows the tissues to be disease-free to the point where tissues may even re-attach to the tooth and bring the pocket depth back to a normal or near-normal depth.

Laser Hygiene Therapy Sessions

Depending on the severity of the infection, a series of 1 to 4 sessions of laser therapy may be recommended, with the average being about 2. At your initial laser therapy appointment, our laser certified dental hygienist will determine the exact number of sessions required to eliminate the infection. This will be determined by the number of bleeding areas, as well as the pocket depths. The higher the number of bleeding areas and the deeper the pockets – the higher the severity of the infection – requiring additional sessions until the infection is eliminated.

Safe for Your Gums

ezLase Soft Tissue Laser

The dehydrating effects of the laser cause the bacteria and debris in the pocket to be removed similar to exfoliation created during a facial. It’s like rubbing the dry skin off your face during a facial.

Quick, Comfortable and Pain-Free!

Laser therapy sessions can prevent the need for gum surgery, and are available at a fraction of the cost of surgery, with less pain, quicker recovery, and less scarring. While surgery may still be indicated for grafting purposes and advanced periodontal disease, treating the infection with laser therapy is a much more conservative, effective, and comfortable option.

One of the remarkable benefits of using the laser is how noninvasive and comfortable the procedure is.

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