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Snap On Smile

Looking for a celebrity smile but don't have a celebrity's budget? Well Snap-on-smile from Dr. Askari can give you a winning grin that's less expensive than traditional dental techniques. Snap on teeth are worth smiling about.

Dazzlingly white, perfectly aligned and with a touch of glamor Dr. Askari is offering smiles that fit movie stars. Whether it's the smile of Cameron Diaz or of Britney Spears that is reproduced, the cosmetic lift can be put on and taken off in the blink of an eye - all at a price of US$1000-US$2000 (one to two thousand this week only!!) It involves no drilling, no cement, no needles, it just involves taking an accurate impression of your teeth and in a matter of 1-2 weeks your new smile is ready. If somebody wants to look like somebody - they like a certain smile, it's round, it's square, it's long - they show a picture, and Dr. Askari can do it.

The ready-to-go set makes uneven teeth, discoloration disappear. It's a cosmetic enhancement piece that actually slips right over someone's real teeth. I would say that this is a removable jacket of a tooth. They're popular because they're a less expensive way to cover up unsightly teeth, improve on what you have, or just try out a new look!

It's fast easy and pain free-- Dr. Askari takes an impression of your mouth and then gives you the smile of your choice in two weeks. You can eat and drink with SNAP-ON-SMILE.

People who have used snap-on-smile include Hollywood actors headed for an audition, seniors preparing for a reunion with old friends, the bride-to-be before she goes for a photo session - not to mention people who are fearful of dentists' syringes. The top three snap-on-smiles belong to Jessica Simpson, Halley Barry and Brittany Spears.

This type of prosthesis are not new these have existed since the 1930s and were only used in Hollywood , but has recently extended beyond the theatrical crowd to general public.

In America now a good smile is a fashion accessory, it's no longer just about health.

Jennifer wanted a picture perfect wedding. The dress, the groom, the flowers, the teeth? Jennifer was interested in veneers or laminates, and didn't really have that much money. Or time--so she opted a winning grin in a snap!

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