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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Farmington Hills

A beautiful smile with a bright coloration can help you feel more confident. Comfort Dental Spa offers professional teeth whitening to anyone looking for a boost to their self-assurance. Dr. Aziza Askari will help you improve your smile’s appearance.

Zoom!® Single-Visit Whitening

Zoom! is the bleaching option that we often recommend first. As its name implies, this approach to teeth whitening produces drastic results quickly. It takes less than an hour to increase a tooth’s brightness between two and eight shades.

Undergoing Zoom! treatment at Comfort Dental Spa is much more convenient than wearing whitening trays across multiple days. If you need a drastically improved smile in time for your next major life event, Zoom! is right for you.

Kör® Deep Bleaching

Some patients need a different type of whitening treatment. They either have very sensitive teeth that cannot comfortably undergo most forms of whitening or had their teeth darken as a result of tetracycline, which most bleaching agents cannot improve.

For patients in these circumstances, Dr. Askari uses Kör to brighten the smile. The nature of Kör’s formula causes it to lift stains more effectively than others, including those caused by tetracycline, and it does not exacerbate any irritation your teeth experience. 

Why We Provide Whitening In-Office

Professional teeth whitening can be divided up into the treatments that are performed during a dental visit and the self-administered care you take home with you. In most cases, our dentists prefer to provide care in the office.

There are two reasons we recommend this approach: results and comfort.

Take-home whitening treatments are advertised as combining convenience with effectiveness, but this is not precisely true. Although the bleaching agents and trays are effective, trying to treat yourself leaves you open to misapplying the whitening gel, limiting the results of treatment. In contrast, Dr. Askari knows exactly how to administer Zoom! and Kör to maximize the effectiveness of care. Your teeth stay whiter for longer in a safe manner.

Additionally, using bleaching trays at home can cause some of the whitening agents to leak, irritating the gums. In contrast, Dr. Askari’s personalized and patient-focused approach to whitening makes the procedure completely comfortable. 

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Comfort Dental Spa provides teeth whitening and other cosmetic services. Our professional-grade bleaching treatments have helped our patients get the smiles they desire. If you live near Farmington Hills and need to change the color of your teeth, call us and schedule an appointment today!

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