Creating Beautiful Smiles

Waiting to have your smile fixed is uncomfortable and frustrating. Whether you’ve experienced a dental emergency or received root canal therapy, you want to get back to daily life as soon as possible. Our CEREC machine can help you do just that by restoring function and comfort in a single appointment.

Dr. Aziza Askari uses CEREC to create custom inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers. Made from premium and biocompatible materials, these restorations help us enhance your smile’s beauty.

How CEREC Works

The CEREC machine can make up to three restorations in the span of a single dental appointment. After the treatment area is prepared, Dr. Askari loads a digital impression into the device. From there, the milling machine precisely shapes and molds a block of ceramic material. CEREC is technically called a CAD/CAM machine but can be equated to a 3D printer. It works quickly and produces the following restorations:

Inlays and Onlays – When only small portions of a tooth need to be rebuilt, inlays and onlays are the best options. These restore the biting surface and appear seamless with your natural tooth structure.

Crowns – These are best used for root canal therapy to repair extensive damage. Crowns cover the whole tooth, rebuilding its appearance and ensuring you can bite, chew, and speak normally.

Veneers – A purely cosmetic option, veneers resolve many concerns including deep stains, extensive wear, and minor trauma. These porcelain shells are designed to enhance your aesthetic appeal.

Treating Emergencies with CEREC

Same-day crowns, inlays, and onlays give patients what they need when they need it. CEREC eliminates the use of temporary restorations and bulky impression gel, creating a comfortable experience for patients. Dr. Askari quickly addresses dental trauma, reducing the time you spend in the dental chair.

Creating a Beautiful Smile with CEREC

Once treatment is complete and the restoration is attached, our dentist perfects its fit and appearance, ensuring it looks naturally beautiful. The ceramic materials are tooth-colored and resilient to dental issues. They will not accumulate stains as normal teeth do and merely require normal brushing and flossing.

CEREC restorations can be used with other cosmetic treatments to rebuild the whole smile. Professional teeth whitening, orthodontic treatments, and additional procedures are part of our smile makeover treatment plans, helping anyone with extensive dental concerns.

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