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If the dread of having braces is keeping you from straightening your teeth, the team at Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan, has a better solution for you. The Invisalign® system is made from transparent thin plastic that’s comfortable and also removable. You can straighten your teeth in approximately a year with Invisalign. To get started with Invisalign, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Invisalign® Q & A

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening system in which removable custom-molded trays called aligners straighten your teeth over time. Your aligners are made from SmartTrack® plastic — an ultrathin patented material that’s almost invisible. With Invisalign, there are no brackets or wires, which is why it’s such a popular alternative to metal braces.  

What kind of orthodontic problems can Invisalign treat?

Invisalign treatment is suitable for most types of malocclusion (misalignment). This includes:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Open bite
  • Crowded teeth

In general, Invisalign can do nearly anything traditional braces can. But, for particularly severe malocclusion, your Comfort Dental Spa care provider might recommend another treatment option first, to prepare your teeth for Invisalign.

How does Invisalign treatment work?

Over the course of your Invisalign treatment, you’ll wear a series of aligners. You’ll change into new aligners about every two weeks for the duration of your treatment. Typically, you’ll see your Comfort Dental Spa dentist approximately every four to six weeks for check-ups throughout treatment. 

How often do I need to wear my Invisalign aligners?

The Comfort Dental Spa team recommends that you wear Invisalign aligners at all times, except for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. There are absolutely no food restrictions with Invisalign since you take the aligners out for all meals and snacks. With braces, you can’t indulge in hard, crunchy, sticky, or chewy foods, but Invisalign gives you freedom with food.

On average, this means you’ll wear the Invisalign aligners for about 20-22 hours per day.

How long does Invisalign treatment last?

Each treatment is unique, but most patients wear Invisalign for around 12 months. Treatment time is generally comparable to the amount of time you’d wear metal braces, but with Invisalign it’s invisible.

How do I take care of my Invisalign aligners?

Aligner care is easy: you can use the Invisalign Cleaning Crystals, mixed with water, to soak your aligners for deep cleaning. For daily cleaning, brush the aligners with a soft toothbrush and regular toothpaste. Rinse them in cool or lukewarm water, avoiding hot water because it can warp the plastic. 

To learn more about Invisalign, or to find out whether it’s right for you, book your free consultation at Comfort Dental Spa online or by phone today.

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